Comcast Corporation, Philadelphia, PA
November 2021-present
Sr. Data Science Product Owner, Enterprise AI & Research

  • Product lead for AI & research team, delivering transformative enterprise solutions that improve outcomes for both Vanguard and its clients.
  • Delivered a custom transcription and insights platform, surpassing industry standards in quality and cost-efficiency, processing over 5.8M hours of audio to provide comprehensive call transcripts and deep insights into client interactions
  • Create and execute the vision and roadmap for a custom large language model (LLM) calibrated specifically for Vanguard’s language and context, empowering teams to experiment with generative AI securely within Vanguard’s ecosystem at a fraction of commercial costs
  • Modernized the regulatory complaint review process by developing a language model-based solution that identifies potential complaints in written channels, reducing the volume of communication requiring human review by more than 60% across survey responses and chat interactions
  • Established and led an AI @ Vanguard community, evangelizing and educating Vanguard employees on the responsible use of AI and external AI topics, growing to more than 1,500 members
  • Directed collaboration with Northwestern University’s MBAi/MSAI program, overseeing multifaceted capstone projects that challenge students and yield tangible value for Vanguard

Comcast Corporation, Philadelphia, PA
July 2017-November 2021
Senior Director, AI Product

  • Orchestrated the product portfolio across diverse cross-functional teams dedicated to producing AI solutions to address critical customer and business challenges
  • Created the vision and strategy for cloud- and edge-based computer vision features in Comcast’s Xfinity Home products, delivering features like people and package detection that connect customers to the important moments in their home
  • Brought AI and predictive features into Comcast’s Xfinity Assistant chatbot, making it easier for customers to get the help they need and reducing agent escalations
  • Led an internal DE&I machine bias committee to educate teams and identify issues with fairness and bias in Comcast’s algorithms and products
  • Maintain a deep understanding and evangelize best practices for how to apply AI and machine learning across Comcast

Comcast Corporation, Philadelphia, PA
July 2014-July 2017
Senior Director, Intellectual Property

  • Led an effort to focus on increasing the number of invention disclosures that are approved for patent drafting, which resulted in 125 invention disclosures approved for filing in 2016, a 35% increase from 2015
  • Identified strategically important technology areas and developed detailed problem statements related to technical challenges in those areas
  • Worked closely with the inventor community by providing IP awareness, technical guidance, mentoring, brainstorming sessions, and networking opportunities that turned ideas into actionable invention disclosures
  • Participated in Patent Review Committee meetings and evaluated the technical merits of submitted ideas that were considered for patentability
  • Participated in the Open Source Committee evaluating the open-source contributions from Comcast engineers and identified potential intellectual property issues

Comcast Cable, Centennial, CO
June 2009-July 2014
Principal Engineer, OSS Tools Development & Integration

  • Led video solutions for an enterprise operational support tools team
  • Designed, implemented, enhanced, and supported a Tier-1 database application that powered Comcast’s flagship X1 entertainment operating system
  • Led the design of an automated entitlement mapping system for video-on-demand (VOD) assets that helped avoid content licensing penalties and resulted in a multi-million dollar saving
  • Designed and led the development of a system to collect and centralize data from more than 100 remote systems serving over 16 million subscribers, processing one billion rows of data daily

Comcast Cable, Centennial, CO
June 2005-June 2009
Manager, Software Development and Automation

  • Promoted to manager position to recruit and lead a team of 7 software engineers supporting 2 organizations across 4 locations
  • Partnered closely with engineering groups across video, voice, and cross-platform product lines to understand complex systems, gather requirements, design, and implement automation and tooling solutions, either through internal development or procurement and customization
  • Implemented development standards and supporting toolset using industry best practices, including continuous integration and unit testing, that increased development efficiency


Master of Science, Information Systems (MSIS), 2004
University of Colorado, Denver, Colorado

Bachelor of Science, Computer Information Systems (BSCIS), 2003
Metropolitan State College of Denver, Denver, Colorado


Mentor, American Corporate Partners, New York, NY, 2022 – Present

Mentor, Women in Cable Telecommunications, Philadelphia, PA, 2015 – 2020

Mentor and Judge, PennApps Hackathon, Philadelphia, PA, 2015 – 2020

Mentor, Comcast Veterans Network, Philadelphia, PA, 2014 – 2016


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